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During the approach to the bombing raid on Essen, the Wellington W5358 was fired upon at an altitude of 800 ft. Height by the flak. The crew decided to parachute out, they all became German prisoners of war.
The aircraft continued to fly over Cologne to the German Ring (now Ebertplatz). Here it hit the ground near the fountain and lost a landing gear. Due to the force of the impact, the plane stood up again, touched the roof of the Cafe Füllenbach and crashed into the multi-storey house behind it on the left, Greesbergstr. 18. On impact, the bomb load exploded, the building was completely destroyed and there were many deaths among the civilian population.
View from the Deutscher Ring (today Ebertplatz).
to the corner of Greesbergstrasse.
Detail from an old city map
showing the crash site of the Wellington W5358
into the corner house Greesbergstrasse 18
The German Ring (today Ebertplatz)
Cafe Füllenbach

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