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During the attack on the power station "FORTUNA", the Blenheim IV, V5723 was fired upon and hit by flak. It crashed in an open field near Berrenrath, killing the crew of three. They were recovered and buried in Cologne's South Cemetery.

A very detailed report on the attack on the FORTUNA power plant can be found here:
The Berrenrath crash site in 1941, which can no longer be precisely localised today.
A few years after the war, the Berrenrath site was demolished in order to mine the underlying coal. Today, this area has been recultivated and partially transformed into a large bathing lake. The village was rebuilt as "Neu-Berrenrath" a few kilometres further on.

The crashed Blenheim IV, V5725 near Berrenrath.
Source: Archive-Oberaussem, see the link in the opening text

The death certificate for the pilot, Sergeant Harry Ingleby, member of the Royal Canadien Air-Force

bottom left:
The crew's grave at Cologne South Cemetery.
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