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During the approach to Frankfurt, the Lancaster I, R5662 was shot at and hit by the heavy anti-aircraft gun Abt. 113.
It crashed into house no. 87 in Beseler Strasse in Efferen, completely destroying the house and killing the couple living there, Friedrich Wilhelm Kraus and their son.
None of the crew survived the crash either. The crew was rescued and buried in Cologne's Südfriedhof cemetery.

Among the crew members was Wing Commander Georg Marcus Sheehan from the Royal Australian Air Force.  He had not flown himself for a long time and was to regain his flying routine on this flight as second pilot. It was his second flight in this refresher programme.
It was only on 6 August 1942, 19 days before the crash, that he had married 21-year-old Sheila Isabel Ina Annesley in England.
Top left:
In the foreground a wing of the Lancaster, in the background parts of the fuselage.

Above right:
More wreckage of the Lancaster. In the background the castle of Efferen, the white house is the GREVENHOF, on the right the larger building is the MÜHLENHOF

The destroyed turret pulpit, above it the identification of the R5662
Source: Courtesy of Theo Boiten.

Bottom left:
The wreckage of the Lancaster from a different perspective.
Source: Archive Weichert

The crew's grave at Cologne's Südfriedhof cemetery

Wing Commander Georeg Markus Sheehan,middle row, first from left

Source: Australian War memorial
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