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The Halifax B III, NA171 came under heavy anti-aircraft fire while already on the right bank of the Rhine during the attack on the railway facilities in Cologne-Kalk and crashed at around 9:10 p.m. near WESTWAGGON-AG on Deutz-Mülheimer Str.
(The police file gives "Westwaggon AG, Kalk-Mülheimer Str." as the crash site. This may also be today's Rolshovener Str., where the Westwaggon / KHD company complex was located).
Except for Fl/Lt. Sidney Bruce Harrison, who probably managed to save himself by parachute and became a German prisoner of war, all the others of the crew were killed and buried in Cologne's South Cemetery.
above left:
Police report on the attack of 30.12.1944
and the note on the crash

above right:
Former Westwaggon AG site in Cologne-Kalk
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