ED917 - Luftkriegsarchiv Köln

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Fl/O Lewis Garnier Rembridge's Lancaster ED917 was also caught up in the fierce air battles over Cologne. An Fw 190 A-5, flown by Ofw. Otto Hofer of the NJVG, fired on the Lancaster, which then caught fire and broke up in the air. This was the first aerial victory for Pfw. Hofer.
Most of the aircraft crashed over Rodenkirchen, only the navigator, Fl/O Henry Parry was recovered dead and buried in Cologne South Cemetery. The rest of the crew is presumed missing.

During the dogfight with the Fw 19, the crew of the ED917 had fought back with all means and damaged the Fw 190 with several hits. It crashed at about 01:30 near Bonn, Ofw. Otto Hover lost his life.
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