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On the return flight from the bombing raid on Cologne, the Lancaster ED907 came under heavy and light anti-aircraft fire and was also attacked by night fighters. Captain Heinrich Wohlers of Stab IV/ Nachtjagdgeschwader 4 (IV/NJG 4) was credited with shooting down the Lancaster, which crashed at Broich near Jülich at 01:26.

The two Canadians Mackay and Murray were killed and buried in Cologne's Südfriedhof cemetery after being rescued.
The rest of the crew managed to parachute out, landed between Herkenrath, Bensberg, Cologne and near Aachen and became German prisoners of war on the same day.
Flying Officer Kenneth East's exact landing point is not known. However, he made his way to Holland undetected, crossed Belgium and was only arrested by a German military patrol in Paris in mid-August 1943 and taken to Stalag Luft L3.

The death certificate of the pilot, Pilot Officer Charles Murray, Royal Canadien Air-Force

The grave site of the two Canadians, Flying Officer Mackay and
Pilot Officer Murray at the Cologne South Cemetery
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