DS662 - Luftkriegsarchiv Köln

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653 bombers took off for this heavy bombing raid on Cologne. Both the flak and the night fighters of the Nacht-Jagd-Versuchs-Kommando (N.J.V.K.) shot down several bombers over Cologne and the surrounding area.
The Lancaster II DS662 was shot down by either Hptm. Ewald Janssen or Ofw. Otto Hofer.(N.J.V.K.)  It crashed burning into the house No. 16 in Jüssenstr. in Cologne-Ossendorf. According to the police report the house was totally destroyed, no civilian casualties are reported.
Only Sgt. Thomas Frederick Shevels survived the crash and became a prisoner of war. The six other crew members were only recovered dead from the wreckage and buried in Cologne's South Cemetery.
Extract from the police report
on the crash of the DS662 on 04.07.1943
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