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While attacking airfields in the Bonn and Cologne area, 2nd Lt. Clyde Shoup's P-47 was attacked by German Fw-190 fighters preparing to land at a smaller airfield ( probably Bonn-Hangelar). Likewise, anti-aircraft fire began simultaneously. The P-47 was hit and crashed at Cologne Porz-Wahn on the southeastern edge of the airfield.

2nd Lt. Shoup could only be recovered dead. American records indicate that one pilot bailed out, but the parachute did not open. Whether this was Lt. Shoup cannot be determined beyond doubt.

Where Lt. Shoup was first buried cannot be determined at this time. Either at the cemetery in Wahnheide or at the cemetery of the Hoffnungsthal camp near Rösrath. Later he was exhumed and laid to rest in the American military cemetery in Margraten.
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