42-67493 - Luftkriegsarchiv Köln

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The 367th Fighter Group received the order to bomb several railway bridges near Düren on this day. After successfully engaging targets in Kerpen, Elsdorf and Grevenbroich, they were attacked by 16 Fw. 190s near Brühl. A fierce dogfight developed in which several Fw 190s, but also some P-38s were shot down.

Among them was 2nd Lt. Mathisen's aircraft, which crashed badly hit about 1 km east of Porz-Langel. According to American reports, Lt Mathisen was able to save himself by parachute and became a German prisoner of war.

However, a German post-war document states that the aircraft crashed on fire in the district of Langel. The pilot was rescued injured from the crashed aircraft and taken to the station of a tank regiment stationed in Langel at the time for initial medical treatment.
He was then transferred to the military hospital of the Hoffnungsthal prisoner-of-war camp near Rösrath. After his recovery, he was sent to the prisoner-of-war camp Stalag 6 in Bonn.
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