42-37741 - Luftkriegsarchiv Köln

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The B17 G 42-37741 was on its way back from the bombing raid on Frankfurt. It was hit by flak near Siegburg, caught fire and crashed into the industrial buildings of the Hochspannungsgesellschft mbh Fischer & CO. company at Höninger Weg 115 in Cologne-Zollstock.
There was extensive damage to the buildings, some of which burnt out. According to the police report, one civilian was killed.
Three crew members were only recovered dead from the wreckage of the aircraft and buried in Cologne's West Cemetery. The remaining seven crew members, some of them wounded, became German prisoners of war.

The MACR does not give the crash site as "Winterscheid". This is B-17 42-29713, which was shot down by flak on the same day and crashed near Winterscheid. All crew members were able to save themselves by parachute jump.
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