42-32054 - Luftkriegsarchiv Köln

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During an attack on railway installations in the vicinity of Cologne, the B-17 42-32054 was fired upon by flak. Both left engines caught fire and the aircraft became unstable, whereupon the crew abandoned the aircraft by parachute.

2nd Lt Walter Flood still attempted a crash landing, but in a left turn the B-17 lost its left wing, broke in two and exploded before hitting the ground. The pilot, Walter Flood, was recovered dead from the burnt-out aircraft and buried in Cologne's West Cemetery.

The rest of the crew became German prisoners of war. Some had been injured during the jump or when landing on the ground, the worst hit being the Nose Gunner, Sgt. Senkbeil. He was taken to a military hospital with severe head injuries and a broken leg before being transferred to the POW camp.
Left to right, top row:

John D. Budnack, Douglas Gordon Allen, *Louis Brown, Harvey Wayne Amen, Irving William Wiltshire, Charles Hansen Duus.

Left to right, bottom row:

*unknown, Walter A. Flood, *unknown.

Those marked * did not fly on the last flight on January 28, 1945.

I kindly received this photo from Jon Amen, son of Harvey Wayne Amen.
For this my best thanks!
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